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2014-2015 Children's Theatre on Tour


November 11 - December 20, 2014

   February 10 - March 19, 2015

   March 31- May 8, 2015

The Children’s Theatre on Tour brings to life exciting new works as well as classics of children’s literature. Recognized by the Drama League as one of the best regional theatre companies in America, the award-winning Children’s Theatre acting company tours the state, offering three productions a year. Each production lasts an hour or less, easily fitting into a classroom schedule, and an online activity guide further enhances the educational experience!


  • The Little Mermaid - November 11, 2014 - December 20, 2014

Hold your breath and dive into this tale of dazzling undersea beauty! The Little Mermaid, the youngest daughter of the Sea King, is a quiet child. Unlike her older sisters who are content to frolic the ocean depths, she dreams of something more that life beneath the waves --- a shipwreck and a handsome human prince just may change her world forever. Join the Little Mermaid as she dances and swims throughout this adventure of longing, sacrifice, and love.

  • pinocchio – February 10, 2015 - March 19, 2015

Once upon a time there was a block of wood. By luck, this piece of lumber found its way into the skilled hands of a woodcarver named Geppetto, and the world's most famous marionette was born. Journey with the little puppet as he runs away to discover the world. Meet strange creatures, and share Gepetto's delight as Pinocchio learns an important lesson as plain as the nose on his face - no lie!

  • Chicken Little and the Little Red Hen – March 31, 2015 - May 8, 2015

Stay calm and keep a level head! Set your goals and work hard! These two folktales are chock-full of chicken wisdom and important life lessons, but it is the theme of friendship that pulls them together. Henny Penny, Little Red, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, and even Foxy Loxy learn important lessons about friendship as they strive to deal with some of the most important issues in life - staying fed and avoiding apocalyptic bombardment!

Theatre workshops

Learn how to be a part of the play! The Children’s Theatre on Tour also offers Theatre Workshops to provide instruction on the performing arts to students of all ages. Students learn the basics including pantomime, voice and diction, improvisation and movement. Workshops are recommended for groups of 50 or less.

BRING the children's theatre on tour TO YOUR COMMUNITY!

1. Here’s all you need to bring the Children's Theatre on Tour to your area!
  • Perform space: 30' wide x 20' deep x 10' high
  • Electric connection: Access to two 110 volt electrical connections to accomodate sound/technical equipment.
  • Access to dressing room or bathroom facilities.
2. It's affordable and there are ways to reduce your fees!
  • $800 per performance or $1440 for two performances
  • $650 for Theatre Workshop
  • The Arkansas Arts Council offers up to 40% fee assistance to non-profit Arkansas-based organizations certified as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code (this includes public schools, institutions of higher learning, churches, and government units.).
  • Additional fee support may be available. Inquire at time of booking.
3. You will receive additional resources for the exhibition!
  • Press information will be provided for local publicity of the performance.
  • Question & Answer session with cast following the performance, time premitting.
  • Children's Theatre on Tour Activity Guides for each performance provide in-depth information about the play as well as carefully designed activities to enrich the theatre arts experience and fulfill Arkansas Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks.
  • A digital copy of the playbill will be provided.
4. It's easy to book!
  • Simply contact the State Services Department by phone at 501-396-0350 or 1-800-264-ARTS. You may also email Jessica Wright to schedule dates and times.


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