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Ceramics workshops

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Instructor: Hamid Ebrahimifar

Tuition: $64 members; $80 non-members
Saturdays, Apr 5, 9:00am -5:00pm & Apr 26, 10:00am - 1:00pm (2 sessions total)
(With 1 hour break for lunch on your own on Saturday or bring a sack lunch.)
Location: Studio 4
Class limit: 10 students
Registration deadline: Mar 29 (You may be able to register after this date. Call 501-396-0353.)

In this two-day workshop, students will learn the basic techniques used in sculpting the human form while working from a live model. Students will be shown how to easily manipulate and construct figurative forms using coils and slabs of clay. There will be a model for most of Day One in order to enhance the understanding of the structure and proportions of the body. Emphasis will be placed on capturing the energy, fundamental mechanics, and anatomy of the figure - rather than on portraiture. Students will also be able to come in on their own and work on their sculptures on Sunday, Apr 13 between 10am and 9pm. The lapse in time between sessions is to allow adequate time for drying and firing. Day Two of the workshop will focus on surface treatments with stains, glazes, and various other finishing materials and techniques. Tuition includes model fees.
Irregular classes scheduled starting 4/5/2014 and ending 4/26/2014

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